Avengers Vs. The X-Men: Recaps and Observations – Part 2

In this second part I am going to talk about some of the tie in books and issue two.


Showdown! maybe....

The New Avengers #24

The Recap:  The Avengers are still dealing with the ramifications of their mega battle with Osborn and his crew from the last arc in the series.  Luke Cage finds Jessica and their child and makes a major decision regarding his future with the team.

The Review:  It’s a great issue, especially in regards to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones fans.  Jessica is the child of Bendis and is best in his hands.  Her dialogue and situation with Cage in regards to protecting their baby is something that is portrayed in a very realistic fashion.  Mike Deodato and Will Conrad’s art is beautiful to look at and is able to capture the mood and emotion of the situations within.

It's gonna go down!

Important Tie In notes:  None, this is a tie in that can be completely skipped over unless you want to read some banter that takes place on the Hellicarrier as well as seeing the meeting in which Captain America tells the Avengers what is about to go down with the X-Men and tells Storm to go where she is going to be needed, with the X-Men.




Captain America uses his shield to deflect the blast from Cyclops and gets his fist ready to punch. An amazing cover by Daniel Acuna

The Avengers #25

The Recap:  The Avengers wrap up their previous arc in this issue.

The Review:  A bit confusing to readers that are just jumping into this issue for the first time.  This is basically just a finish previous story arc issue.  There is a silver lining to getting this issue though and that is for the art by Walter Simonson.  His long-awaited return to Marvel lives up to all of the hype around it.

Simonson drawing Thor again. This brought a very large smile to my face.

Important Tie In Notes:   While this issue mostly deals with wrap up, there is a major development that happens that is definitely going to effect what happens in Avengers vs. X-Men and that is Noh-Varr is ordered by the Supreme Intelligence that he is to contain the Phoenix Force by any means necessary for the Kree Empire.

Orders have been delivered, this is not going to be pretty when it goes down.

I would not say this issue is a must buy, but there are parts, especially the Noh-Varr part, that may be essential to what is going on in the main series.



Decisions, decisions

Wolverine and The X-Men #9

The Recap:  A more in-depth look at the meeting Captain America had with Wolverine regarding where the Phoenix Force was heading towards.  This issue also deals with what The Beast’s mission in space with other members of The Avengers will be as they try to stop the Phoenix Force before it can head towards Earth.

The Review:  An extremely entertaining read.  Jason Aaron has an incredible talent for humor and uses it well.   He is also able to reign the humor in for more delicate moments when needed as well.  The art by Chris Bachalo is a style of artwork that is unique and at first will take new readers to get used to, but once you adapt to it, you realize that it is extremely stylized and amazing to look at.

Important Tie In Moments:  Not really important, but compliments what is going on in the main book is the expanded look into the conversation that took place with Wolverine and Captain America, adding The Beast to the conversation so that we can see how he became involved into the space mission.  Amusing tie-in moment is watching the aliens gambling on what planets the Phoenix Force is going to destroy.  There is also a moment in which I am going to deem at this time as a might be important tie-in moment is that both Quintin and Rachel who have had past dealing with the Phoenix Force suffer from seizures and collapse.

So far we have the Avengers fighting the X-Men soon to be everyone fighting Noh-Varr soon to be everyone fighting Gladiator and the Death Commandos and we still have this Phoenix thing to deal with.

In a moment that I am going to state is just as important as the one I wrote about above about Noh-Varr is that Gladiator is going to head to Earth to help protect his son, who is a student at Wolverines school.  Gladiator has a tendency of always ending up in fights with The X-Men, so this should play out well, another thing learned from that sequence is that the Shi’ar have Death Commandos in place to deal with the Phoenix Force that are going to be sent out to fight.

Round 2, here is where the fighting really starts!

Avengers Vs. The X-Men #2

The Recap:  The two teams start to fight each other as Hope starts to show signs that the Phoenix Force is taking her over.

The Review:  This issue was scripted by Jason Aaron and as stated above, he is great with humor and drama.  The art continues to be amazing as it carries on from the last issue and the pacing is well told as we already know that to get the detailed action from the fights we need to read the companion mini series.  My one complaint is a bit of a continuity glitch, New Avengers #24 shows them jumping off the hellicarrier into battle when in this issue, Colossus is magnetically thrown into it while they are all still inside.

The Battles:  Red Hulk vs. Colossus – Outcome of this battle to be determined

Namor vs. The Thing – Namor punches The Thing right out of the water.  Winner – Namor

Namor vs. Luke Cage –  Outcome of this one also to be determined, we later see that The Thing comes back and he and Cage double team on Namor

Emma Frost vs. Iron Man – This one comes to a standstill as Magneto interrupts to attack Iron Man

Iron Man vs. Magneto – This fight is soon interrupted by Quicksilver as he decides to take on his father, Magneto.

Quicksilver vs. Magneto – We later see Quicksilver lying on the ground with what looks to be many tiny swords in his back and Emma and Magneto are shown in the same panel fighting Dr. Strange.  Winner – Magneto

pincushion Quicksilver


Emma and Magneto vs. Dr. Strange – Dr. Strange leaves the battle to fight Magik

Dr. Strange vs. Magik – To be determined, fight is going to be in limbo, advantage goes to Magik

Black Panther vs. Storm – To be determined

Cyclops vs. Captain America – There are some brutal hits in this fight, they kind of hit a standstill as they both discover what Hope has done towards the end.

One of the best panels I have ever seen


Other battles that took place in the background were:  Domino vs. Iron Fist, Spider-Man vs. Warpath, Black Widow vs. Jubilee, Wolverine vs. Sunspot and Magma and a few more that were not really worth noting, but looked cool.

Things to come:   We still have yet to see what part The Scarlet Witch is going to play in this, I have a feeling that the Phoenix Force is going to inhabit her, but that is just my personal observation, I could be wrong.

What does it mean??

Until next time, this is The Denim Jedi signing off.  Thanks for reading.



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