Avengers vs. The X-Men: Recaps and Observatoins – Part 3

This was the week of the tie ins, and they were good.  Let’s start with the big one:

Warning: Only two of the characters on this cover actually appear in this issue.

The Avengers vs. The X-Men: Vs #1

The Recap:  This six issue mini series is just going to be fights.  This issue is Magneto against Iron Man and Namor against The Thing.

The Review:  This book is just a lot of fun.  It is not necessary to get this title as a tie in to the whole big story.  The Magneto fighting Iron Man story is written by Jason Aaron who is a major fan favorite.  He continues to use not just humor in his writing but gets into scientific magnetic fields around planets that both characters start to use become so over the top that it becomes fun.  Adam Kubert is a classic artist and one of the best in the industry and he handles the artistic chores on this story amazingly.  The second story is written by Kathryn Immomen and penciled by her husband Stuart Immomen.  Kathryn is able to carry on the humorous tone set by Aaron and the art by Stuart as always remains faithful to what the readers want to see.  Marvel is definitely putting the best in the industry on this project and they are showing why they are the best.

This issue does contradict some of the outcomes we see in the main title, such as the way the Iron Man / Magneto fight finished and we don’t see Luke Cage in the Thing / Namor fight.

What does Magneto know that they don't?

Important Tie In Notes:  This is a tie in that can be completely skipped over, the only thing of not is that when Magneto is defeated and left in space by Iron Man he tries to let Iron Man know that they are going to need Wanda.

The most confusing tie in issue yet that may just be the most important issue.

The New Avengers #25

The Recap:  Years ago, Master Yu Ti of K’un Lun has a vision of the Phoenix Force consuming and taking over a young red-headed girl.  He soon leaves the temple and finds a girl fitting that description on the streets, her name is Fongji which means bird of fire.  He finds out that her mother was part of a last pilgrimage to Earth which is why her complexion and hair color is so different from the rest.  She is soon placed into the hands of Lei Kung and trained to be the first Iron Fist in 75 years.

The Review:  In a word, Amazing.  Brian Michael Bendis is a master at stories like this.  A story that is no action and all plot.  I will admit that I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to Iron Fist, but this issue made me want to know more about the character and his past. The art by Mike Deodato and Will Conrad is breathtaking to look at, seeing the redhead with the phoenix force behind her and her combo Iron Fist / Phoenix costume merge is a visual that engages the eyes and stays there.

I have no clue what this means for the future of the event, but it is beautiful.

Important Tie In Notes:  Obviously there is a link to the past of both Iron Fist and the Phoenix Force.  From the very beginning of this issue they mirror the events of the opening of the first issue of Avengers vs. X-Men.  I will have to say at this time this is the first must buy tie in issue to the event.

To attack the Phoenix Force before it makes its' way to Earth.

Secret Avengers #26

The Recap:  Captain America assigns a team to head out to space to try to prevent the Phoenix Force before it comes to Earth.  Their plan fails and they stop on the planet Hala where the Kree have used the Phoenix Force to bring Mar-Vell back to life.

The Review:  Rick Remender is a writer whose work has been a bit hit or miss with, this one is a definite hit.  I like the way he his writing Captain Britain as well as how he writes Thor in this issue.  The art will take a bit of getting used to for newcomers.  Renato Guedes has a very unique style to his art that reminds me a lot of Moebuis.  It is a style that long time fans of their comics medium will love, but new readers may shy away from.

Thor loves his mead.

Important Tie In Notes:  A must read for anyone that wants to know what is going on with the team that went into space.  There is also the whole Mar-Vell situation, is he really back?

Colossus versus Red Hulk

Uncanny X-Men #11

The Recap:  This issue takes place during Avengers vs. X-Men issue 1 and adds more detail to some of the events that are in that issue.  This issue also shows the Red Hulk versus Colossus battle

The Review:  Kieron Gillien does an excellent job writing this issue.  Going onto the minds of several characters as narrative was a very good touch that helped bring the reader into the events that are going on.  The art by Greg Land, is, well, it’s Greg Land.  His art is something that I think is nice to look at, but when he draws the smiles on characters they look creepy, he also has a way of drawing all the female characters as way too over sexified supermodels, which is really bad when it comes to Hope, who I picture as a teenager.  He does do a great job on the other hand with the two major big guys in this issue.  The Colossus / Red Hulk fight is beautiful to look at.

That smile is just creepy to look at.

Important Tie In Notes:  It is explained that the phoenix flare up that Hope let out in Avengers vs. X-Men issue one was a signal, we see the Red Hulk / Colossus fight, it is also explained that the reason why Hope is attacking her friends is that she feels that she needs to confront the Phoenix Force head on.  Cyclops also has a press release sent out that tells the rest of the world that even though in the past the mutants have implied that any attack on them would have major consequences that they are not going to act on them.  That humanity should be grateful of that.

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading.

The Denim Jedi


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