The Avengers vs. The X-Men: Recaps and Observations – Part 4

Up until now, they have been on the same side, as the cover shows, things change!


The Avengers vs The X-Men #3

The Recap:  The battle on Utopia ends as Cyclops is able to trick the Avengers and he and the X-Men make a hasty retreat.  Hope manages to throw off both teams by having her signature appear in five different places at once, prompting both teams to send members to all five areas.  Captain America confronts Wolverine on his actions that he is going to kill Hope which leads them to a fight in which Wolverine is thrown out of a plane onto the ground below.

The Review:  The pace continues in this series.  This issue was scripted by Ed Brubaker and he is able to carry on the same tone that has been ongoing from the two different writers before him.  Everything from Cyclops plan to the double agent reveal of Rachael to the amazing Wolverine fight is great.  Seeing where the individual heroes are going is definitely going to be the game plan for the next few issues which means that we will continue to see even more match ups.  Romita still proves he is a master at his craft.

1st the shield hits Cyclops in the visor and now right into Wolverines neck. This shield is seeing a lot of action!

The Battles:  Wolverine vs. Captain America:  A great fight, but Cap really does not fight fair, having Sharon open the hatch and then Giant-Man kicking Wolverine out proves that the true winner of this battle was Wolverine, he didn’t need any back up.  This is twice now in which Cap. has been in a one on one match and then has called on others to help him out.


The cover conveys the tone, but only for a little bit.

Avengers Academy #29

The Recap:  The X-Men left Utopia but the children that lived on the island were left behind.  Wolverine and Captain America agree that the best place for them while things settle down would be the Avengers Academy.  Hercules decides that to let the tensions between the teens ease that they should compete in olympic style events.  Meanwhile, Sebastian Shaw, a former main enemy of the X-Men who has had his mind completely wiped, may not of had his mind wiped as much as people may think, as he escapes and is let loose and may be planning to do something not so good.

The Review:  Great writing by Christos Gage and extremely clean art by Tom Grummet.  The task of writing so many personalities of young ones in not an easy task and Gage seems to show that he is an expert at it as each character stands alone with their own voice.  Grummet continues to showcase his strength as an artist that can illustrate distinctive teens without them all looking the same.

Quicksilver breaks down everything that has happened pretty easily in this one panel.

Important Tie In Notes:  Not much, this one is pretty much just for those that are curious as to where the kids from Utopia ended up.  While it is fun to see the two teams interact in their own mini version of AvX with their friendly competition it is not required to get this for the main story arc.


That’s it for this week, thanks for reading!

The Denim Jedi



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