The Avengers vs. The X-Men: Recaps and Observations – Part 5

A new week has arrived and with it, tie in issues!

The image on this cover has nothing to do with the story inside it…or does it?

New Avengers #26

The Recap: Picking up after New Avengers #25, the young red-head girl begins her training to become the first Iron Fist in 75 years.  Leonardo DaVinci is brought in to help.  They plan on using the girl to somehow communicate with the Phoenix Force to understand its purpose.

 The Review:  This is the second issue in a row of this series that has blown me away.  Not only are we learning about the Iron Fist past, but was are also seeing that the Phoenix Force has visited Earth before.  The writing and art continue to be amazing.  The sequence of her training mirrors the training sequence in the first issue of Avengers vs. X-Men, a very nice touch.

From New Avengers #26

I love when things like this happen. From Avengers vs. X-Men #1

Important Tie In Notes:  I am still thinking that this is going to be a major key point in what is coming for the rest of the main series.  My thoughts are that Iron Fist may play the key role in helping Hope survive what is coming.  I like the way that this is playing out.

Love that reflection coming off the visor.

Wolverine and the X-Men #10

The Recap:  Wolverine returns to the school briefly to recover up but is soon joined by Scott, Emma and Magik.  Scott explains his actions to Wolverine and tries to reason with him.  Logan continues to make his stand.  Some of the other X-Men that sided with Wolverine after the events of Schism, have decided to join with Scott when it comes to the Phoenix Force.  The issue ends with the Shi’ar Death Commandos landing on Earth.

The Review:  A solid issue, one in which Scott and Logan are able to talk out the issues and explain themselves to each other.  While the end result still has them on opposite ends, the lines become even more drawn as some of Logan’s crew decides to help out Cyclops.

Important Tie In Notes:  We get to see how some of the Wolverine side X-Men join with Scott, we also see the arrival of the Death Commandos.  The biggest problem with this tie in is that it is not clear exactly when this takes place within the main series.  I am also starting to think that the Death Commandos arc may be self-contained in this title and that it will not spill over in the main book.

Any cover with Rogue on the cover is going to be awesome!

X-Men Legacy #266

The Recap:  Sharing events that take place in Wolverine and the X-Men #10, discussions are held with the mutants that are choosing to leave to battle side by side with Cyclops.  The Falcon, She-Hulk and Moon Knight soon come to the school, they are there to keep watch.  Frenzy soon provokes Moon Knight and the battle begins.  Rogue takes on the abilities of She-Hulk and Moon Knight and gains the upper hand, until Iron Man arrives.

The Review:  Based on the fact that I have seen so many Rogue flashbacks that always show her with the white streak in the center of her hair instead of the sides like it was originally presented in Avengers Annual 10, I have to love the fact that artist Rafa Sandoval drew them in.  The inner nit-picking fanboy that I am appreciates the little details like that.  A very Rogue centric issue as her past is detailed as her first appearance was when she attacked the Avengers and went too far with Ms. Marvel.

Rogue once took out Captain America!

Important Tie In Notes:  Just like Wolverine and the X-Men issue 10, there is more explanation on how and why we will see some of the X-Men that went off with Wolverine after Schism will be fighting alongside Cyclops.  We get to see a few more X-Men fighting Avengers action.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading see you next week!


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